Private Karaoke rooms for groups up to 20 people, rented by the hour. Extensive catalogue of 75000+ songs, with pre-set playlists or create a custom queue with our search function. Enjoy full service food & drink in your room. 

Occupancy: Large room 20ppl max, Small room 8 ppl max

Price: Large room $50 per hour, Small room $30 per hour. 

Minimum booking: 1 hour. Additional may be hours purchased in 1hr increments.

Billing: No deposit required, a room charge will be applied to your bill at the end of your booking and can be split however you like among your party. Please note an 18% autogratuity applies to food and drink in karaoke rooms. 

Cancellation/Lateness: If you are unable to make it to your booking, or are running late, please call us through the phone number in your booking confirmation email. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your booking and haven’t informed us, your room may be given to someone else. Late arrivals will still receive the full room fee for booked time, and depending on existing reservations we may not be able to extend your time past your booking if you are late.

Early Leave: Multiple hour bookings who decide to leave or finish their booking early will still be charged the full fee for booked time, as we would be unable to fill that time.